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SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization)


SASO introduced the SALEEM program and online certification platform SABER to implement the SALEEM (Saudi Product Safety Program) and strengthen the stability of distribution products from January 1, 2019. The SALEEM program is a system that checks the continuous management and stability of consumer goods by applying regulations, technical requirements, and management measures collectively to local products and imports.


SABER is an E-platform for electronically registering or issuing certificates for Product Certificate of Conformity (PCoC) and Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC). Certificates registered on the SABER platform are used by customs to clear cargo, and all products imported to Saudi Arabia must have SABER Certificate of Conduct (CoC).

The purpose of SABER is to comply with Saudi Arabias quality and safety regulations and to protect the health and safety of citizens/consumers from risks of non-standard, counterfeiting and potential, maintain religion/public morality, environmental protection, and prevent abnormal transactions.


Name Product Certificate of Conformity Shipment Certificate of Conformity
Validity 1 Year (From issuing date) Every shipment (One-time)
Product Products imported to Saudi Arabia (Products subject to Technical Regulation regulation) Before shipment, PCoC is registered in saber.
Others Refer to the below

*Product imported into Saudi Arabia must be issued Certificate of Conformity issued by an Accredited Certification Authority.

PCOC (Product Certificate of Conformity) : All products imported into Saudi Arabia (Technical Regulation Products) must be issued PCoC and registered on the SABER platform. The importer can proceed with the PCoC procedure on the SABER platform.

Products that have not been issued or registered by PCOC are prohibited from being imported into Saudi Arabia, and this product is re-exported.

SCOC (Shipment Certificate of Conformity) : All products imported into Saudi Arabia (Technical Regulation Product) require SCOC issued from the SABER system. Each shipment requires a valid PCoC, and if PCoC is not registered with SABER, it cannot issue SCoC.

For the issuance of the SCoC, the importer must request the SCoC from the SABER where the valid PCoC is registered. All products imported into Saudi Arabia (Technical Regulation Products) must be accompanied by the SCC required for import customs clearance, and if there is no valid SCC for customs clearance, the product will be rejected at the destination.


All product imported into Saudi Arabia

  • Safety of low-voltage equipment
  • Safety of machinery & equipment
  • Safety of equipment operating on gaseous fuel
  • Safety of electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices
  • Safety of equipment working under pressure
  • Restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical & radio-electronic products

These products are exempted from SASO program.

  • Food and Agricultural products
  • Medical and Medicine device and Equipment/ parts
  • Crude Oil
  • Military forces

Products covered by Technical Regulation are called Regulated Products. Please check the below link

TR(Technical Regulation)

* Technical Regulation is added periodically, so need to check it continuously.


  • Request for certification/Request for inspection
  • Item description
    • - Model No. / Part No.
    • - Sample photo of item
    • - HS code
  • Proforma invoice (Commercial invoice)/Packing List


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