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Generally, all importers and buyers require high level of confidence, reliability, and assurance on the quality of products manufactured including manufacturing capabilities of their existing or prospective vendors / suppliers. In this global competitive world, when the supply-chain are continuously disrupting, and with limited number of supply-chain partners, identifying a perfect partner / supplier becomes a real challenging situation.

Any loose ends in identifying genuine, authentic, and capable supplier could lead to several problems like product rejection, product barred due to non-compliance of regulatory norms/requirements, quality standards, etc.

To mitigate this kind of risks, it is highly desirable that a factory due-diligence audit / inspection is carried out before finalizing any supplier / vendor. This could be a customized process based upon client’s specific requirements, which necessarily focusses on assessing their vendor’s production facilities, compliance to local regulatory norms, manufacturing capabilities, quality management systems, etc. We offer such services globally as per your requirements.


We can offer our expertise services with accurate stockpile evaluation and measurement for determining the volume and weight of commodities. We deploy Total Station Method and other latest instruments to ascertain accurate stockpile evaluation and measurement. In addition to this, based upon client’s requirement, manual volumetric measurement can be also provided which primarily is based upon density and stowage factors.


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