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We can offer a complete range of vendor inspection and expediting services that includes:

  • Inspection at vendors’ site(s) globally.
  • Expediting on the project deliverables
  • Third party inspection, QA/QC at project sites, workshops
  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT) covering all kinds of industrial and electrical products

We offer our services globally with our experienced surveyors and inspectors along with our trusted network of partners.

Tailor-made inspection and test procedures can be also developed as per client’s and/or contractual requirements.


GOST inspection we refer to is an inspection carried out based upon TRCU/GOST standards concerned. Many clients are unfamiliar with GOST standard regulations. Even CIS importer s/clients are unfamiliar with international, GOST standards as well.

Through CERINS’ intervention of manufacturing process including design stage, CERINS inspectors can find the deviations with the related standards and report to clients about non-conformities found during the inspection.


  • VISUAL INSPECTION: Visual inspection is an inspection to check the quality of the product, defect, workplace condition, etc. to review suitability of production.
  • DIMENSION CHECK: It is an inspection to confirm that product is manufactured by designed measurement with no errors. Submission of final approved drawing prior to inspection is required. GOST standards review shall be performed together.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH SPECIFICATION AND DRAWINGS: It is an inspection to confirm that designed specification and manufacturing methods are up to standards. Reviewing welding methods, license examination, self-grade review report and drawing approval, inspection shall be carried out.
  • WITNESSING SERVICE: It is a service to witness whether the product tested accurately. An inspector may visit testing site and stay for auditing test-drive, ND, chemical, heat treatment, etc.
  • VERTIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS: It is a verification service to confirm conducted test reports and prepared documents whether they are in conformity with GOST standards.
  • REPORTING SERVICE: All test reports are available in English and/or Russian upon client’s request. Inspecting factors can also be provided by the client if necessary.


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