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Azerbaijan Certification

Azerbaijan AZS

The certificate of conformity assessment for Azerbaijan is one of necessary documents for customs clearance for products which require certification in accordance with the list of items declared by the government. The is available on the website of the Azerbaijan Customs Service. Depends on expert’s decision, certificate can be issued after the installation at site after submission of related documents for conditional customs clearance.

At present, Azerbaijan certification is, like Russia or Kazakhstan, carried out by certification bodies, authorized by the government standard authority, to issue a certificate. Products classified as dangerous goods may require additional licenses (permits) after installation, and such licenses (permits) are issued by a related government authority.

The certificate type is divided into one-shipment and serial production as in Russia, and the required documents and procedures are very like the Russian certification system.

In the case of measuring instruments, as in the case of any other CIS countries, it is necessary to acquire separate measurement certificate (pattern approval) in Azerbaijan, but again, the required documents and certification procedures are very like the Russian certification system.


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