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UkrSEPRO is a product compatibility certification system used in Ukraine. Just as Russian GOST and TRCU certification, Ukr SEPRO system manages and controls schemes of mandatory certification. Currently the system is run by the State Committee of Ukraine and the National Body on Certification (the State Standard of Ukraine).


Certificates are divided into two types according to product type and details – mandatory certification and voluntary certification. Schemes of mandatory certification are decided by the list of products of obligatory certification in Ukraine as of 01.01.2011, which came into force by the Order of State Department on Consumer Standards of Ukraine of 04.05.2005 N466/10746. Both mandatory and voluntary certificates are issued by approved certificate bodies. Please consult an expert for detailed quotation.


UkrSEPRO certificates are split into 4 types by their expiration date.

  • One-shipment (single deliver): Shipping documents and contracts are required for this certification, and it is forbidden to use for other contracts. In case of partial shipment, period of shipment / transportation should be specified on the contract to use one certificate.
  • 1 year certificate: Sample tests are required.
  • 2 year certificate: Sample tests and factory audit are required. If ISO Certificate is submitted, an exemption of factory audit may be considered, and it could be helpful during document review.
  • 5 year certificate: Sample tests and factory audit are required. In case of 5 years certificate, ISO Certificate and QMS of the manufacturer are examined during the early phase of certification. After issuance, site inspection is required once a year during effective period.


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