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GOST (ГОСТ) is the abbreviation for GOsudarstvennyy STandart. GOST refers to a set of technical standards maintained by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EACS), a regional standards organization operating under the supervision of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Standard itself was originally developed by the Soviet Union government, however, after the disintegration of the USSR, standards acquired a new status of the regional standards. Since then, more than 20,000 standards were used extensively in 12 countries, serving to regulate countries in the region. GOST R simply refers to GOST certificate in Russia, GOST B for Belarus, GOST K for Kazakhstan and so on.



GOST UZ is a technology standard certificate issued in Uzbekistan. Currently, Uzbekistan is one of the CIS countries that has not joined the Eurasian Customs Union, and the TRCU (EAC) certificate is not valid, so that, GOST UZ certificate is treated apart from TRCU and required separately. The certification process is carried out in accordance with the “Постановление КабинетаМинитетаМинистров (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers)” No.318, 06.07.2004, and the list of compulsory certification items on No.122, 28.04.2011 is GOST UZ certified in accordance with “Приказгенеральногодиректора УАСМС Узстандарт (Order of General Director of Uzstandard)” No.83, 04.03.2005.


GOST UZ CoC: GOST UZ CoC is required in regard to “ПостановлениеКабинетаМинистров” (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers) No.122, 28.04.2011 compulsory conformity certification items lists and certificates are issued by government approved certification bodies.

GOST UZ DoC: Some items may be subject to Declaration of Compliance certification even though they are mandatory conformity certification items. In addition, items imported into Uzbekistan from the countries included in the MoU agreement on mutual recognition of declarations also belong to DoC required list.


Certificates can be issued in two valid period types, one-shipment (one-batch) certificates and serial production certificates.

Validation One time Maximum 3 years
  Issued based on a contract (Based on the contract between the local corporation, branch, importer, or dealer registered in the customs union and the actual exporter (manufacturer)) When continuous export is expected or contracts with many dealers/importers are expected because it is item certification for an unlimited quantity for an unspecified number
Others A contract between the importer and exporter is required for certification Manufacturers QMS (e.g., ISO Certificate) and Post-factory inspection required
* If defects are found during the post-factory inspection, the certificate will be revoked.
Applicant Manufacturer or Exporter (CoC, Voluntary)/ Uzbekistan Subsidiary, Buyer (DoC)
Factory Audit   Serial production certificate requires factory audit including sample test or witness of test and regular post-audit as per validity period.
Lead-time 1 to 2 weeks after the presentation of complete technical documents is provided, or after the factory audit, inspection including test are completed if applicable.


The GOST UZ certificate differs from GOST R in several areas, as shown below.

  • Scheme of the certification is decided by CB
  • Every scheme of certification is followed by testing at a lab
  • Official expert from UZEXPERTIZA (government agency) at customs border checking goods eligibility for mandatory certification.
  • Declared HS code will be asked for an official conclusion. Therefore, importer should validate HS code from an accredited agency.
  • Some items ca be certified after installation, and the decision shall be made only by CB. (i.e., heat towers cannot be tested in unassembled condition)
  • Test protocols followed by GOST R and GOST K are eligible, but not with EURASEC marking.
  • Applicants can only be by an actual exporter/importer or manufacturer, but no other third party.
  • Fees for certification may depend on sample size, actual testing expense, and place of delivery. The contract amount is critical information.


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