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GGTN Permit to Use

Russia’s RTN – Rostechnadzor, the Industrial office – was formally known as GGTN, short for Gosgortechnadzor. In Kazakhstan, GGTN remains as Russia’s RTN. Kazakhstan’s GGTN provides Approval “Permit to Use” for equipment to be used in dangerous industrial plants, basis on the legislation “About civil protection (article 70, 71), 04.11.2014” and “Rules of identification of hazardous production facilities No. 353, 12.30.2014”. GGTN Approval, “Permit to Use” allows Kazakh end-users to know that the equipment or facilities are approved for usage based on Kazakh safety regulations. It is also an official permit for access of gas, electricity, and water into the facility for operation.


Kazakhstan GGTN Permit to Use is only issued after all TRCU certification or GOST certification of each equipment are completed. For some equipment or facilities, a test run, or a site inspection may require.


  • Production, use, processing, formation, storage, transportation, destruction of at least one of the following substances;
    • ionizing radiation source;
    • flammable substance;
    • combustible substance;
    • the oxidizing substance;
    • toxic substance;
  • Production of fusions of ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals and alloys on the basis of these metals;
  • Conducting mining, drilling, prospecting, explosive operations, works on mining and processing of mineral raw materials, works in underground conditions
  • Technical devices working under pressure of more than 0.07 MPa or at a water heating temperature more than 115 degrees Celsius except for thermal networks;
  • Load-lifting mechanisms, escalators, ropeways, funiculars, elevators;
  • Steam boilers and the boilers working under pressure of more than 0.07MPa and (or) at a water heating temperature more than 115 degrees Celsius, the vessels working under pressure of more than 0.07MPa, load-lifting mechanisms, escalators, ropeways, funiculars, elevators of objects of housing and communal services.


  • The declaration letter certified by the stamp of firm and the signature of the head;
  • Constituent documents of the company;
  • Data on the manufacturer of the equipment;
  • Description (technical characteristics, appearance, scope);
  • Operation Manuals;
  • Passports according to requirements of industrial safety;
  • GA Drawing;
  • Protocols of production tests (if is);
  • For the equipment in explosion-proof execution it is represented certified the certificate of conformity
  • Data on a chemical composition and mechanical durability of the materials applied at production of products (if is);
  • Data on welding seams and methods of nondestructive control (if necessary);
  • The certificate of conformity in system of TRCU or GOST K
  • Protocols of independent foreign laboratories (if is)
  • The certificate of the ISO 9000 series (if is);


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