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After the introduction of Decision of CU Commission No.299, 28.05.2010, Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificates also known as Hygienic Certificates has been unified within the Customs Union member states. Recently new name of this certificate, “State Registration” has been introduced and has been used throughout member states since 2012.


As per Decision of CU Commission No.299, 28.05.2010, the below are major objects requiring state registration. Products that require drafting state registration certificates is set forth in the Unified List of Goods subject to Sanitary and Epidemiological Monitoring at the Customs Border and within the Customs Area of the Customs Union.

  • Mineral water, bottled drinking water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks – including low alcohol and tonic drinks
  • Special foods, which include baby food, food for pregnant and breastfeeding women, dietary products, food for athletes, biologically active food additives, organic products, supplements
  • Food additives complex (plant extracts, aromas etc.)
  • Foods produced using genetically modified (transgenic) organisms
  • Cosmetics, products of oral hygiene
  • Household cleaning products
  • Disinfectants, resources for rat extermination.
  • Potentially hazardous chemical and biological agents
  • Materials, equipment, devices, and other technical products to treat water intended for use in drinking-water supply
  • Products intended for contact with food (except cutlery, tableware, manufacturing equipment).
  • Personal hygienic items for children and adults, children’s clothes and products using for feeding-care


State registration certificate is an official document that certificates that the goods that passed the state registration procedure complies with the Unified Sanitary, Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements set forth within the EEU Customs Union member states. Authorized bodies of the EEU Customs Union member states issue state registration certificates.


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