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Pattern Approval (Metrology Certificate) is a certificate for measuring and testing instruments. In accordance with No.102-FZ, 13.07.2015 “On Measurement Uniformity”, under supervision of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology – Rosstandart, it is required to obtain pattern approval for equipment categorized under below listing.


  • Weights and similar measuring instruments related with a quantity measuring for domestic market
  • Industrial measuring equipment
  • Instruments for geodesic and hydrologic activities
  • Instruments for ecological activities
  • Instruments for labor safety
  • Instruments for governmental activities, national defense
  • Instruments for sports, Olympic measurements
  • etc.


When a Pattern Approval certificate (Metrology Certificate) is issued, it is issued with a registering number, which is available via online website of the Rosstandart, showing applied and registered brands, types, models, and manufacturer’s information as well as its validation. Maximums validate period of pattern approval certification is 5 years.

Certificate is issued with attachments, which shows products’ application, error range, calibration period, and reference regulations. Lead time for obtaining a pattern approval certificate is about 2-3 months after a package of full technical document is submitted, and a sample test, as required.

Certificate may be issued either for a single product or batch of products, or for mass production and the maximum period of the certificate validity is 5 years.

The measuring instruments, intended for use in state regulation ensuring the uniformity of measurements, are subject to initial verification prior to commissioning and after repairs, and are subject to periodic verification while in operation.


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