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In accordance with Russian Federal Law No.123 of 22.06.2008, “Technical Regulation on Fire Safety, entered force on 01.05.2009”, prior to receiving conformity assessments (GOST R or TRCU), Fire safety certificate should be completed.


According to the above-mentioned laws and regulations that came into effect from May 2009, fire safety certification can be classified into declaration of conformity or certification of conformity, and the following are the main items that require fire safety certification.

  • Equipment and materials, which means to ensure fire safety (Fire-fighting equipment – hose, nozzle, mixer, extinguisher, etc.)
  • Equipment and materials used in construction, decoration, intended to evacuate the outside or to safe area
  • Equipment and materials, including structures, for the construction industries
  • Flammable construction materials (carpets, covers, interior finishing, etc.)
  • Electrical devices and appliances

In accordance with Russian Federal Law No.241 of 17.03.2009, below product divisions are also mandatory objects requiring fire safety certificates.

  • Fire trucks
  • Electrical devices and appliances
  • Building materials and materials for interior finishing
  • Ventilation systems and fume extraction valves, fire safety, electrical devices, etc.


Fire Safety Certification is specialized regulation which determines the fire safety requirements to products’ design, manufacture, operation, etc. as per each applicable requirement. It is to ensure safety of people and protect property in case of fire protection and prevention. Fire Safety Certification can be issued for shipment base, or serial production base from 1 to maximum 3 years. Fire Safety Certificate is a document that certifies compliance with standards of fire safety products and issued for each type of product prescribed in their own fire safety requirements and test methods set out in the relevant national standards and technical regulations on products.

This fire safety certificate is realized in the form of voluntary or compulsory (mandatory declaration of conformity or certification).


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