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ISE (Industrial Safety Expertise)

ISE is the abbreviation term of Industrial Safety Expertise. It is an expert conclusion report about safety, reviewed and conducted in accordance with No.116-ФЗ, 21.07.1997 “Industrial Safety in Hazardous Industrial Facilities”. It is a replacement form of previously known RTN approval, “Permit to Use” certificate. It states that the goods which are classified into dangerous goods and installed in dangerous area are in conformity with safety regulations stipulated in the Law of Rostechnadzor No. 538, 14.11.2013.


As of 2014, the license for use, which was issued after reviewing the existing Rostechnadzor, has been registered as an industrial expert evaluation agent according to Order of Rostekhnadzor No.538, 14.11.2013 (registered Ministry of Justice of Russia 26.12.2013, reg. no. 30855). It has been replaced by the Industrial Safety Expertise report conducted by experts. The subject of industrial safety evaluation has been changed from a government agency to a registered expert, the safety regulations review items, preparation materials, and basic procedures specified in Federal Law No.116-ФЗ, 21.07.1997 are basically the same.

The evaluator prepares a report (aka “Industrial Safety Experts Opinion”) after the overall document review including the following items and on-site examination, can go through the operation procedures for factories and facilities.


  • Examination of scope and course of the PJT
  • Preparation of examining spots
  • Schedule the timeline
  • Expert assessments on materials and prep-documentation works
  • Review and analysis of
    • * PJT scope and work flow
    • * Construction, operation, maintenance
    • * Safety statement on hazardous areas
    • * Technical passports and certificates
    • * Test protocols and reports
    • * Labeling and identification systems
    • * Technical regulations, guidelines and PJT operating policies
    • * Competence of design reports and inspection results
    • * Competence of employees and managements
    • * Competence of devices and instruments


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