GGTN 사용허가

GGTN 사용허가

Accredited GGTN Review Body
러시아에서 GGTN 은 Gosgortechnadzor 의 약자로 러시아에서 RTN, Rostechnadzor 로 알려진 산업청의 전신이다.카자흐스탄 내에서의 GGTN 은 러시아의 RTN 과 역할을 같이한다.카자흐스탄 GGTN 에서는 카자흐스탄 법령 About civil protection (article 70, 71), 04.11.2014 와 Rules of identification of hazardous production facilities No. 353, 12.30.2014 에 따라 위험 산업단지에서 사용 될 기술 장비들에 대한 사용허가를 발행한다.현재는 폐지 된 러시아 RTN approval 과 마찬가지로 GGTN permit to use 는 카자흐스탄 최종사용자에게 관련장비, 공장,시설이 카자흐스탄 안전법령들에 의거 해 사용허가를 받았음을 의미하며 가동을 위한 가스,전기,수도 사용 등의 연결을 허가하는 “공식사용허가서” 이기도 하다.

주요 해당분야

  • Production, use, processing, formation, storage, transportation, destruction of at least one of the following substances;
    – ionizing radiation source;
    – flammable substance;
    – combustible substance;
    – the oxidizing substance;
    – toxic substance;
  • Production of fusions of ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals and alloys on the basis of these metals;
  • Conducting mining, drilling, prospecting, explosive operations, works on mining and processing of mineral raw materials, works in underground conditions
  • Technical devices working under pressure of more than 0.07 MPa or at a water heating temperature more than 115 degrees Celsius except for thermal networks;
  • Load-lifting mechanisms, escalators, ropeways, funiculars, elevators;
  • Steam boilers and the boilers working under pressure of more than 0.07MPa and (or) at a water heating temperature more than 115 degrees Celsius, the vessels working under pressure of more than 0.07MPa, load-lifting mechanisms, escalators, ropeways, funiculars, elevators of objects of housing and communal services.


  • The declaration letter certified by the stamp of firm and the signature of the head;
  • Constituent documents of the company;
  • Data on the manufacturer of the equipment;
  • Description (technical characteristics, appearance, scope);
  • Operation Manuals;
  • Passports according to requirements of industrial safety;
  • GA Drawing;
  • Protocols of production tests (if is);
  • For the equipment in explosion-proof execution it is represented certified the certificate of conformity
  • Data on a chemical composition and mechanical durability of the materials applied at production of products (if is);
  • Data on welding seams and methods of nondestructive control (if necessary);
  • The certificate of conformity in system of TRCU or GOST K
  • Protocols of independent foreign laboratories (if is)
  • The certificate of the ISO 9000 series (if is);

GGTN 특이사항
카자흐스탄 GGTN 사용허가는 각 제품에 요구되는 TRCU 인증서 또는 GOST K 인증서 등이 완료 된 후 진행되며 제품/시설의 종류에 따라 시운전,공장 감사 등이 이루어 질 수 있다.